Families with children with cancer

ScanPeople supports a cancer-affected child incl. family to participate in summer events, among others, Circus ARENA, Siblings Weekend, LEGOLAND, Dyrehavsbakken, etc.

These tours give the child a break from the hospitals and give an opportunity to be with their family under different conditions. The child is allowed to be a kid for a day.
Families with children suffering from cancer are Denmark's largest volunteer patient association for children aged between 0 and 17 who suffer from cancer.

They make trips and events for the kids when they are healthy enough in their treatment course to participate. It ranges from Tivoli tours, fishing trips, Randers Rainforest, etc. They make 40-50 events for the children annually. Of course, it's not something that cures them, but it gives some happy and life-affirming experiences in an otherwise difficult time and treatment period.


Read more: http://www.fmkb.dk/