Scan Recruitment – professional and quality recruitment

ScanPeople tilbyder rekruttering, recruitment

To outsource the recruitment of new employees is a matter of complete trust.

It is therefore important for all parties that the process is as smooth and flawless as possible so that we find the right employee to suit the customer’s needs.

Scan Search – when you seek a specialist

ScanPeople tilbyder search, specialist rekruttering

Search and headhunting differs from the normal recruitment process. It has great advantages in cases where you have a specific profile in mind and a limited number of qualified candidates on the market, or when direct and personal contact with potential candidates is required if the candidates in mind are not actively seeking the job but might be tempted by the right offer.

Scan Temp – flexible temp-solutions

ScanPeople tilbyder vikar, rekruttering

ScanPeople offers flexible temporary agency assistance of the highest quality. In times with peak loads, leave, holidays, time-limited projects, sickness, etc. there may be a need to quickly and efficiently find a temporary solution.

ScanPeople guarantees you the necessary manpower when the need occurs.

Scan Try & Hire – temp workers for permanent employment

ScanPeople tilbyder Try/hire.

A Try & Hire solution allows the company and the candidate to get to know each other in a temporary vacancy with an option to subsequently employ the candidate permanently. The new employee starts in a temporary position typically spanning 13 weeks/481 hours.

Scan Interim Management – specialist and management assistance

ScanPeople tilbyder, search, specialister, rekruttering

Interim Management is business development and temporary assistance at the management and/or specialist level. Through our extensive database and wide-ranging network of highly qualified managers and specialist, we can deliver the exact skill and aptitude that your company needs.

Scan Outplacement – focuses on the task at hand

ScanPeople tilbyder outplacement rekruttering

Settlements of employees is often a difficult and unpleasant process for all parties involved.

When your company, for one reason or another, is faced with terminating one or more of your employees it is important as an employer to show social responsibility.