Here at ScanPeople we are constantly working on expanding our job bank and resume database. A big part of our contracts - whether it is temps, interim hiring or recruitment - are solved without any advertising. The employees are found through our wide-ranging network and job bank. 

It is easy and totally free to be included in ScanPeoples job bank. To register, click the following link:

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From here on out, we will continuously assess whether the jobs we currently have to offer, are within your wishes and field of expertise.

You are welcome to contact us in order to be registered in our job bank and resume database, whether you are actively seeking a job or if you are not quite sure if it is time for you to find a new path and look for a new job while working. 

If you are registered in our job bank, we will contact you as soon as we have a vacancy, an interim job or any other job opportunities that correspond to your qualifications and expectations.


GDPR & ScanPeoples privacy policy

We are very serious about processing your data in a secure and confidential manner. It is our goal and intention to give you the best possible insight into how we process your data. 

When you apply for a job through ScanPeople ApS and you register in our job bank and resume database, you have to give us permission. We call this "Consent". The statement of consent states that you have voluntarily authorized us to process your data. You can read how we do it by clicking the following link:


We are looking forward to contacting you when we have e vacancy, an interim job or any other job opportunities that match your qualifications and expectations.