DISA Industries A/S

"We have used ScanPeople to recruit skilled temporary workers for our production. I was pleasantly surprised at how professional ScanPeople handled the task, both before, during and after the vacancy.


"For a number of years, we have had a close and constructive relationship with ScanPeople, regarding temporary staff and recruitment.


ScanPeople’s consultants are great at understanding the personal characteristics that we wish from our temps.

C & H System

"We have used ScanPeople a couple of times in connection with hiring a new Automation Engineer and a Technical Designer / Documentation Specialist for our company.

Philips Lighting

"We have used ScanPeople to help recruit temporary staff for our production. From the get-go, ScanPeople has been a reliable and trustworthy business partner.

Danotherm Electric

"We have used ScanPeople to find staff for production, warehouse, entry control and production management.