HEKA Dental

We use ScanPeople to get through the recruitment process quickly and well with as few internal resources as possible.

Leica Geosystems A/S

"We use ScanPeople for our recruitment. I have been working with ScanPeople for a number of years.

Tonica Elektronik – MagVenture

I use ScanPeople when we need temps to step in quickly. It is a fast solution for me, and I don’t need to use time and energy on finding temporary employees.

Dräger Norge A/S

"We have been working with ScanPeople for several years and have recruited many good sales personnel and marketers through them.


"I use ScanPeople as a recruitment partner because they are extremely professional to collaborate with. They always take you seriously, they solve cases quickly and efficiently, and they continuously give feedbacks. They never let you down.

Scanbur A/S

”We have for many years had a close and very constructive collaboration with ScanPeople regarding the hiring of temps and recruiting staff for various positions.


”ScanPeople has both the will and the ability to understand our needs during recruitment.

Gemü ApS

"Many of our good colleagues within sales and technical are recruited through ScanPeople, whom we’ve worked with for many years. We’ve also used them for outplacements with great success.

Continental Dæk Danmark A/S

"ScanPeople has been extremely professional in their approach to our needs and they have not disappointed.

Brüel and Kjær

"ScanPeople has helped us recruit temporary staff for our production during periods of peak load and in some cases, those vacancies have led to permanent job offerings.