Kaleido Technology A/S

"My experience with ScanPeople has been utter exceptional. As a recent graduate, I have applied for work for a few months and suddenly, one day, I receive a phone call by one of their consultants who has found my resume.

The consultant tells me about the job opening and I can sense the person has done his research since I am qualified for the position and it is even within my field of expertise.

At first, I am invited to a job interview with the consultant at ScanPeople and afterward, an interview with the company itself. The consultant was very professional and engaging and they made sure that I was guided and updated throughout the entire process.

After ONLY 3 days I receive a phone call, offering me the job and the entire process has been an extraordinary experience. I cannot recommend ScanPeople enough and should the event arise, I will certainly use them again!"


Mohammedali Basrawi - Employed as a CNC Grinding Operator at Kaleido Technology A/S