"My experience with dedicated and serious consultants, combined with a job offer as a temp for a company that was well organized and accommodating, made sure I returned to ScanPeople due to an involuntary new unemployment period.

As a temporary production employee for ScanPeople now two rounds, I can therefore highly recommend other unemployed to benefit from ScanPeople's expertise as a temporary agency.

I have been offered a job as a temporary production employee twice, due to the help from ScanPeople. I can highly recommend other job seekers to draw benefit from ScanPeople's expertise as a temp agency. 


You are as a temp at ScanPeople, ensured orderly conditions both in terms of salary, pension, an always available contact person and work in companies that take care of you.

Thank you for a great working experience - I will be sure to return if I one day become unemployed again."

Sussie Mansa Vilhelmsen - ScanPeople temp, Mechanical assembly at Copham SATCOM